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Hair Care Products and Beauty SalonUsing our exclusive line of Batia & Aleeza products, we are able to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our product line includes our Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, and Bio-Herbal Mineral Sculpting Gel. Each is specifically formulated to produce the most desirable end results. Visit us to start your road to beauty and self confidence.

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Spa 415

Nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills with its serene setting, Spa 415 establishes its unique approach to the day spa experience. Spa 415 specializes in providing the latest technologically advanced procedures and products in aesthetics while featuring the finest in personal attention in a tranquil atmosphere.

Redefine your silhouette with their selection of revolutionary body treatments performed exclusively at Spa 415. The selection of procedures includes pre and post-operative cosmetic lymphatic drainage and body sculpting, such as "pressotherapy" and "vacuomobilization" addressing varicose veins, cellulite, lymphodema and the prevention of keloids (scars). Spa 415's menu offers innovative and exemplary facials such as European, Vacuodermie, Photo Rejuvenation, Microdermabrasion, and enzyme peels.
Spa 415 is committed to having each visit be a relaxing yet invigorating and enriching experience. So, be sure that you take advantage of the benefits of the steam room and Serenity Room complete with a juice bar for your refreshment pleasure. Indulge in the escape to an elegant tranquil respite of exceptional service and unsurpassed expertise to renew your youthful glow and vitality.
"You can be confident that our professional staff will cater to your personal needs with privacy, one-on-one consultations, and use the latest, innovative techniques in our industry."
Tara Becker, Co-owner and Executive Director

415 No. Crescent Drive
Suite 110
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Telephone : 310-276-8018

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Chistophe Salon

This is the man that takes care of Hillary and Bill Clintons hair so if you want to look like a leader of the free world, this is the place for you. Cristophe's client list reads like a who's who of Hollywood, with expert stylists ready to make you feel like a star.

348 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Telephone : 310-274-0851

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Aida Grey

Aida GreyAida Grey is the internationally renowned authority on skin care science and cosmetics. Aida Grey incorporates the best traditional European compounds with the latest American biotechnology to produce an exceptionally effective line of natural skin care products. Aida Grey is a veritable foundation consisting of three generations of professional scientific expertise.

9549 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Telephone : (310) 276-2376 or (800) 924-3247.

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Burke Williams Day Spa

The perfect getaway when you can't get away. Disappear for three to five hours and we'll make you feel like you've been hiding out for a week. SUNSET BOULEVARD.

8000 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90046
Telephone : (213) 822-9007

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