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Highlights of Advertising on BH

  • Beverly Hills
    We are bringing the world to you!
    Announcing the launch of the premier web site to feature only the best of Beverly Hills.

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    Your ad will be seen by interested tourists worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for far less than you are now paying for a small ad in a local paper.

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    Our rates are low. Our visibility is high. Our traffic is qualified tourists that are affluent, educated and are coming to Beverly Hills!
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    Our unique traffic guarantee means your ad will be seen by at least 35,000 people a month with NO limit on how high the traffic can get with NO increase in ad charges. You cannot lose. There has never been an advetising opportunity like this before.

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Facts about Internet Travelers

Beverly Hills Media Kit

Massive amounts of people's time and money are being spent on the Internet. Are they going to find your business there - or just your competitors?


  • Over 50 million Americans use the Internet regularly. Worldwide, the number soars to 72 million in over 130 countries with more than 150,000 new users monthly.

  • More than one in four current users have made travel plans or reservations online, up from one in ten only 3 years ago.

  • 29% of travelers and 38% of frequent travelers say they use the net to plan trips.

  • People who use Internet travel services differ from the general population: 91% are employed, compared with 78% of the population; 52% are professionals or managers, vs. 38% of the population; and 33% have done postgraduate work, compared with 20% of all adults.

  • The Internet is now the number two most used resource for worldwide travel after travel agents.

statistics provided by The Travel Industry Association


  • According to Veronis, Suhler & Associates, a media industry investment bank, online advertising is expected to surge to $26.5 billion by 2006.

  • The annual growth rate on Internet advertising far surpasses any other media. With a rate of 111.8%, the next best percentage of growth is cable television at 13%.

  • Ad costs for traditional mediums such as print and yellow pages is showing sharp declines as more people use the Internet to source their buying decisions.

  • A presence on the Internet gives your companyWORLD-WIDE exposure for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

  • Travel and tourism is one of the leaders in Internet sales. Example - the site receives more than 55 million page views of their web site per month and in January of 1999, acheived $9 million in sales in ONE WEEK. Travelocity is a general travel site. Beverly Hills Tourism is highly specialized, providing uniquely qualified viewers to your business.

  • Traditional mediums offer limited space to promote your business. An online presence gives you virtually unlimited space to highlight your businesses features, products and services.

  • With television, radio and newsprint advertising, there is no way to measure exactly how many people see your ads. The web is completely different. It allows you to measure how many people see and respond to your web advertisments.

  • The web banner has become and effective means of establishing name recognition. A study from Netratings found that companies that consistantly advertise online increased their market share, regardless of how many people actually clicked on their ad.

Why is Internet marketing better than other mediums?

  • You can see exactly how many of your potential customers saw your ad - each day!

  • Unlike television, your customer can take their time to peruse your ad.

  • It takes very limited time and money to update your ad when your information changes - no expensive new commercial.


  • A popular national magazine that has a monthly circulation of 550,000 charges $45,790 for a full page color ad based on a 24 issue commitment.
    The total cost for 24 weeks is $1,098,960 to reach an audience of $13,200,000 or a cost per subscriber of over $12.00 per reader, per month.

  • A full page ad on Beverly Hills has a realistic audience of 50,000 per month of TARGETED consumers. People that see your ad have come to our web site to find information specifically about Beverly Hills. At a price of $250 per month (or less depending on type of business) with only a three month commitment, the cost per QUALIFIED viewer is .005 CENTS per viewer. That makes the CPM (cost per thousand) a mere $5.00.


The traffic to Beverly Hills will increase dramatically after launch.

Beverly Hills has hired a specialized company to place our site at the TOP of all the major search engines when people search for words such as Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Travel, and Los Angeles Tourism for the entire time your ad runs with us. Search for beverly hills tourism on Yahoo and we are NUMBER 1!

That kind of benefit is impossible to get anywhere else.

If your company already has a web site, an ad on our site will channel thousands of visitors directly to you. If you don't, our site will give you the presence you need. We can even design a full web page for your company.

Contact our sales rep to take advantage of this very limited time opportunity to let the world know who and where you are!

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